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Nitric oxide (NO) is an important biological messenger in plants, which has been implicated in response to abiotic stress. To study the effects of exogenous NO on drought menace, the tube seedlings of Dendrobium huoshanense were selected and treated with 10% polyethylene glycol (PEG-6000) to simulate drought stress. After application of sodium nitroprusside(More)
Canker caused by the Ascomycete Valsa mali is the most destructive disease of apple in Eastern Asia, resulting in yield losses of up to 100%. This necrotrophic fungus induces severe necrosis on apple, eventually leading to the death of the whole tree. Identification of necrosis inducing factors may help to unravel the molecular bases for colonization of(More)
Mushrooms have the ability to accumulate high concentrations of heavy metals, which gives them potential for use as bioremediators of environmental contamination. The Pb2+ tolerance and accumulation ability of living mycelia of Flammulina velutipes were studied in this work. Mycelial growth was inhibited when exposed to 1 mM Pb2+. The colony diameter on(More)
Brown cotton is a kind of naturally colored cotton. Because of less processing and little dying, it is more friendlier to environment than white cotton. For brown cotton, pigment accumulation in fiber is one of the most important characteristics. In this study, we selected a brown fiber line and a white fiber cultivar to determine the factor that affects(More)
BACKGROUND Tillage practices greatly affect carbon (C) stocks in agricultural soils. Quantification of the impacts of tillage on C stocks at a regional scale has been challenging because of the spatial heterogeneity of soil, climate, and management conditions. We evaluated the effects of tillage management on the dynamics of soil organic carbon (SOC) in(More)
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