Zhengming Zhang

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The ideal battery separator would be infinitesimally thin, offer no resistance to ionic transport in electrolytes, provide infinite resistance to electronic conductivity for isolation of electrodes, be highly tortuous to prevent dendritic growths, and be inert to chemical reactions. Unfortunately, in the real world the ideal case does not exist. Real world(More)
Graphene has evoked extensive interests for its abundant physical properties and potential applications. It is reported that the interfacial electronic interaction between metal and graphene would give rise to charge transfer and change the electronic properties of graphene, leading to some novel electrical and magnetic properties in metal-graphene(More)
—This paper proposes and designs a new method of dualband omnidirectional planar microstrip antenna array. A cascade of transposed microstrip lines have been adapted to produce effective antenna structures that radiate omnidirectionally, with high efficiency, low reflection, and useful radiation patterns. In this paper, the antenna structure has been found(More)
In the soil environment, Bacilli can affect nematode development, fecundity and survival. However, although many Bacillus species can kill nematodes, the virulence mechanisms Bacilli utilize remain unknown. In this study, we collected 120 strains comprising 30 species across the Bacillaceae and Paenibacillaceae families of the Bacillales order and measured(More)
We demonstrate a memory device with multifield switchable multilevel states at room temperature based on the integration of straintronics and spintronics in a La2/3Ba1/3MnO3/0.7Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3-0.3PbTiO3 (PMN-PT) (011) heterostructure. By precisely controlling the electric field applied on the PMN-PT substrate, multiple nonvolatile resistance states can be(More)
Automatic mesh generation is one of the most important parts in CIMS (Computer Integrated Manufacturing System). A method based on mesh grading propagation which automatically produces a triangular mesh in a multiply connected planar region is presented in this paper. The method decomposes the planar region into convex subregions, using algorithms which run(More)
Particulate matter is a serious source of air pollution in urban areas, where it exerts adverse effects on human health. This article focuses on the study of subduction of shelterbelts for atmospheric particulates. The results suggest that (1) the PM mass concentration is higher in the morning or both morning and noon inside the shelterbelts and lower mass(More)
A small antenna which works in ten bands for slim and wide screen internal smartphone application is proposed here. It consists of a feeding strip, a coupling strip and shorting strip, which can be easily printed on the FR4 substrate. In this scheme three chip inductors and a chip capacitor are loaded on the strips. A parallel resonant circuit is introduced(More)