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Dimensionality reduction is vital in many fields, and alignment-based methods for nonlinear dimensionality reduction have become popular recently because they can map the high-dimensional data into a low-dimensional subspace with the property of local isometry. However, the relationships between patches in original high-dimensional space cannot be ensured(More)
Most commonly used denoising methods use low pass filters to get rid of noise. However, both edge and noise information is high-frequency information, so the loss of edge information is evident and inevitable in the denoising process. Edge information is the most important high-frequency information of an image, so we should try to maintain more edge(More)
In JPEG2000, significant bit coding performs the main part of bitplane coding. Scan strategy of wavelet coefficients, which directs coder to generate good autocorrelation significant bit sequence, is one of the key factors to conduce to high compression ratio. Stripe scan is adopted by JPEG2000. Hilbert curve is one of popular space filling curves (SFC).(More)
As a class of semi-supervised learning methods, manifold regularization learning has recently attracted a lot of attention, due to their great success in exploiting the underlying geometric structures among data. This paper presents a novel semi-supervised approach by combining manifold regularization learning with the idea of multiple kernels, named after(More)
Image set classification has attracted increasing attention in recent years. How to effectively represent image sets is one key issue of set based classification. Subspaces form non-Euclidean Riemannian manifolds known as Grassmann manifolds, which allows an image set to be conveniently represented as a point on a Grassmann manifold is widely used in many(More)