Zhenglong Sun

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Mechanical stimuli play crucial roles in bone remodeling and resorption. Osteopontin (OPN), a marker for osteoblasts, is important in cell communication and matrix mineralization, and is known to function during mechanotransduction. Hypergravity is a convenient approach to forge mechanical stimuli on cells. It has positive effects on certain markers of(More)
This work demonstrated that a cold-induced DEAD-box RNA helicase, CbDRH, is also post-transcriptionally regulated upon cold stress, and it interacts with a cold-responsive, glycine-rich, RNA-binding protein, CbGRP. Chorispora bungeana (C. bungeana) is a representative alpine subnival plant species that shows strong tolerance to multiple abiotic stresses,(More)
PURPOSE To explore the expression of the lens crystallins (αA- and βB1-crystallin) in Xenopus laevis embryonic lens development and regeneration and to analyze the order of different crystallins generated in the regenerating lens. METHODS Real Time-PCR, Immunofluorescence, and 2D-PAGE were used to analyze the expressions of αA-crystallin and(More)
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