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A general method to improve fluorophores for live-cell and single-molecule microscopy
Specific labeling of biomolecules with bright fluorophores is the keystone of fluorescence microscopy. Genetically encoded self-labeling tag proteins can be coupled to synthetic dyes inside livingExpand
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Single-Molecule Dynamics of Enhanceosome Assembly in Embryonic Stem Cells
Enhancer-binding pluripotency regulators (Sox2 and Oct4) play a seminal role in embryonic stem (ES) cell-specific gene regulation. Here, we combine in vivo and in vitro single-molecule imaging,Expand
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Transcription initiation by human RNA polymerase II visualized at single-molecule resolution.
Forty years of classical biochemical analysis have identified the molecular players involved in initiation of transcription by eukaryotic RNA polymerase II (Pol II) and largely assigned theirExpand
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Single-molecule tracking of the transcription cycle by sub-second RNA detection
Transcription is an inherently stochastic, noisy, and multi-step process, in which fluctuations at every step can cause variations in RNA synthesis, and affect physiology and differentiationExpand
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Chemical perturbation of an intrinsically disordered region of TFIID distinguishes two modes of transcription initiation
Intrinsically disordered proteins/regions (IDPs/IDRs) are proteins or peptide segments that fail to form stable 3-dimensional structures in the absence of partner proteins. They are abundant inExpand
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Dual functions of TAF7L in adipocyte differentiation
The diverse transcriptional mechanisms governing cellular differentiation and development of mammalian tissue remains poorly understood. Here we report that TAF7L, a paralogue of TFIID subunit TAF7,Expand
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Rapid dynamics of general transcription factor TFIIB binding during preinitiation complex assembly revealed by single-molecule analysis.
Transcription of protein-encoding genes in eukaryotic cells requires the coordinated action of multiple general transcription factors (GTFs) and RNA polymerase II (Pol II). A "step-wise"Expand
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A variant Sp1 (R218Q) transcription factor might enhance HbF expression in β0‐thalassaemia homozygotes
Garon, E.B., Rizvi, N.A., Hui, R., Leighl, N., Balmanoukian, A.S., Eder, J.P., Patnaik, A., Aggarwal, C., Gubens, M., Horn, L., Carcereny, E., Ahn, M.J., Felip, E., Lee, J.S., Hellmann, M.D., Hamid,Expand