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Leukocytes roll on P-selectin after its mobilization from secretory granules to the surfaces of platelets and endothelial cells. Tumor necrosis factor (TNF), IL-1β, and lipopolysaccharide increase synthesis of P-selectin in murine but not in human endothelial cells. To explore the physiological significance of this difference in gene regulation, we made(More)
This study aims to investigate the effect of nitrogen (N) on grain phosphorus (P) accumulation in japonica rice. Six cultivars with contrasting agronomic traits were grown for 3 years (from 2008 to 2010) of field experiments under seven N treatments and 1 year (in 2010) of pot experiments with five N treatments to study the effect of N on grain phosphorus(More)
Nitrogen plays a central role in rice growth and development because it modulates a wide variety of processes, including cytokinin (CK) metabolism. CK-mediated signaling is also related to nitrogen metabolism. The functional relation between nitrogen and CK are extremely complex and unclear. In this study, a comparative proteomic analysis was carried out to(More)
To simulate expected future global warming, hexagonal arrays of infrared heaters have previously been used to warm open-field canopies of upland crops such as wheat. Through the use of concrete-anchored posts, improved software, overhead wires, extensive grounding, and monitoring with a thermal camera, the technology was safely and reliably extended to(More)
A phenol-degrading bacterium strain PA was successfully isolated from the effluent of petrochemical wastewater. Based on its morphological, physiological and biochemical characteristics, the strain PA was characterized as a Gram-negative, strictly aerobic, nonmotile and short rod-shaped bacterium that utilizes phenol as a sole carbon and energy source. 16S(More)
The spikelet number per panicle is established in the early stages of panicle development. Nitrogen fertilizer application before panicle initiation is known to increase spikelet number, which is one of the most important traits in rice productivity determination. However, the basic proteomic mechanism remains poorly understood. The present study shows that(More)
Lodging in rice production often limits grain yield and quality by breaking or bending stems. Excessive nitrogen (N) fertilizer rates are the cause of poor lodging resistance in rice, but little is known about the effect of top-dressing N application rates on the mechanical strength of japonica rice plants, especially how the anatomical structure in culms(More)
Based on digital watermark, a speech forensics scheme is proposed. The feature coefficients cross-correlation degree of speech signal is defined, and the property is discussed, which demonstrates that the feature is very robust. Then a new watermark embedding method based on the feature is explored, aiming to enlarge the embedding capacity and solve the(More)