Zhenghuai Cao

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The in vivo cellular impact of age-associated mitochondrial DNA mutations is unknown. We hypothesized that mitochondrial DNA deletion mutations contribute to the fiber atrophy and loss that cause sarcopenia, the age-related decline of muscle mass and function. We examined 82,713 rectus femoris muscle fibers from Fischer 344 x Brown Norway F1 hybrid rats of(More)
Laser-capture microdissection was coupled with PCR to define the mitochondrial genotype of aged muscle fibers exhibiting mitochondrial enzymatic abnormalities. These electron transport system (ETS) abnormalities accumulate with age, are localized segmentally along muscle fibers, are associated with fiber atrophy and may contribute to age-related fiber loss.(More)
BACKGROUND To improve the efficacy and selectivity of gene therapy for lung cancer through inducing oncostatin M (OSM) gene expression by radiation via the early growth response gene-1 (Egr-1) promoter. METHODS The radio-inducible OSM gene was constructed by insertion of Egr-1 promoter into upstream of the OSM gene. The expression of OSM in lung(More)
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