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Using the widely adopted scheme of space-for-time substitution for investigating 16 typical plots distributed as a pattern of contiguous grid quadrates within a sampling plot, the expressions of Shannon-Wiener index (H) for species diversity, Pielou index (J sw , J SI ) for evenness and Simpson index (D) for ecological dominance are employed to investigate(More)
Inland lakes play important roles in water and greenhouse gas cycling in the environment. This study aims to test the performance of a flux-gradient system for simultaneous measurement of the fluxes of water vapor, CO2, and CH4 at a lake-air interface. The concentration gradients over the water surface were measured with an analyzer based on the(More)
To gain insight into enhanced ultraviolet-B (UV-B) radiation effects on agroecosystem respiration rates and nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions, pot and field experiments were conducted in the 2004 and 2006 soybean-growing seasons, respectively. The enhanced UV-B radiation treatments were simulated by a 20% increase in its intensity. The respiration rates and N2O(More)
For oversized cargo transportation, traditional transportation schemes only consider road length, road width, the transportation cost as weight values in analysis and calculation of route selection. However, for oversized trucks, turning direction at road intersections is also a factor worth considering. By introducing the classical algorithm of Dijkstra(More)
With the increasing risk of people and economies being subject to meteorological disasters, it is of great importance to analyse the spatio-temporal variation of these disasters. In this paper, the possible impacts of meteorological disasters on rice yields in Jiangsu Province, southeast China was studied. A total of 17 rice meteorological disaster indices(More)
With continuous measurements of dissolved oxygen, temperature, irradiance, and wind speed, as well as frequent measurements of pH, oxidation-reduction potential, and algal chlorophyll, temporal dynamics and drivers of ecosystem metabolism in a large nutrient-rich shallow lake (Lake Taihu) are tested in this study. The results show that the dissolved oxygen(More)
With the increasing risk of meteorological disasters, it is of great importance to analyze the spatiotemporal changes of precipitation extremes and its possible impact on rice productivity, especially in Jiangsu province, southeast China. In this study, we explored the relationships between rice yield and extreme precipitation indices using Mann-Kendall(More)
A major concern of most businesses is their ability to meet customers' performance requirements. Correspondingly, in order to ensure the information system to provide service with high quality, it's necessary to test the performance before information system issued. This paper proposes an approach to performance testing of Index Server, which is developed(More)
Extensive research has been done to find the effect of enhanced UV-B (280-320nm) radiation on ecosystem, however, the available information related to the effect of UV-A (320-400nm) on ecosystem is limited. It merits further studies due to the facts that UV-A constitutes a major portion of the solar radiation and passes through the stratospheric ozone layer(More)
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