Zhenghao Jin

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In this paper, relative motion model and control strategy for autonomous fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) carrier landing are addressed. First, a coupled six-degrees-of-freedom (6-DOF) non-linear relative motion model is established from 6-DOF UAV and carrier models. Second, because of the under-actuated characteristic of two vehicles, the 6-DOF(More)
Encapsulated hepatocyte transplantation is a promising approach to cell transplantation without immunosuppression as an alternative to whole organ liver transplantation. However, the shortage of donor cells for hepatocyte transplantation has not been resolved, and at this critical point, it seems necessary to establish a method of hepatocyte(More)
BACKGROUND Encapsulated cell therapy might be a promising approach to enable cell transplantation without immunosuppression. This study investigates the viability and hepatic function of hepatocytes encapsulated with alginate/poly-L-lysine in vitro and the effect of the intrasplenic transplantation of cultured encapsulated hepatocytes on survival in 90%(More)
BACKGROUND Hepatocyte transplantation (HTx) has progressed significantly, but widespread application remains slow because of the shortage of donor hepatocytes. Many sources of hepatic cells have been proposed as alternatives to isolated hepatocytes, but primary isolated hepatocytes continue to be the best source for liver cell-based therapy. To expand the(More)
BACKGROUND The two-layer method (TLM) has recently been found to be superior to simple cold storage in University of Wisconsin (UW) solution as a means of pancreas preservation for islet transplantation. In this study, we investigated whether TLM would result in better hepatocyte function over UW cold storage and if it could be applied to hepatocyte(More)
In this paper, the relative motion model and control strategy for autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV) carrier landing are addressed. Firstly, a coupled six degrees of freedom(6-DOF) non-linear relative motion model is established from (6-DOF) UAV and carrier models. Then the (6-DOF) relative motion model is simplified to the four degree of freedom(More)
BACKGROUND Cell therapy, such as hepatocyte transplantation (HTx), is promising for the treatment of metabolic liver diseases or as a bridge to orthotopic liver transplantation in patients with fulminant liver failure. However, one of the limitations of this therapy is the shortage of donors. The present study aims to investigate whether the two-layer(More)
Transplantation of isolated hepatocytes has been proposed to compensate for essential functions lacking in liver failure or for genetic defects that alter a specific liver metabolic pathway. Hepatocyte utilization for these purposes would be facilitated with a reliable, reproducible, and effective method of long-term hepatocyte storage. We have recently(More)
AIM Hepatocyte transplantation is a potential alternative to whole organ liver transplantation. To realize this procedure, a hepatocyte bank system capable of supplying large numbers of hepatocytes must be established. We previously reported an easy method for cryopreserving hepatocytes using a microencapsulation technique. Here, we investigated how(More)
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