Zhenghan Li

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Our objective was to determine if protons allow for the expansion of treatment volumes to cover high-risk nodes in patients with regionally advanced non-small-cell lung cancer. In this study, 5 consecutive patients underwent external-beam radiotherapy treatment planning. Four treatment plans were generated for each patient: 1) photons (x-rays) to treat(More)
A male factor i s sole ly responsible in approximately 20% of cases of infertility and contributory in another 30-40%. Azoospermia is present in 1520% of infertile males. Although the main goal of the evaluation of the infertile men is to identify the reversible conditions, to identify the irreversible causes that can or cannot be managed by assisted(More)
Cognitive control can be activated by stimulus-stimulus (S-S) and stimulus-response (S-R) conflicts. However, whether cognitive control is domain-general or domain-specific remains unclear. To deepen the understanding of the functional organization of cognitive control networks, we conducted activation likelihood estimation (ALE) from 111 neuroimaging(More)
The ability of the brain to integrate multimodal information is crucial for providing a coherent perceptual experience, with perception being modulated by the interplay of different cortical and subcortical regions in the brain. Recent research has shown that affective stimuli play an important role in attentional mechanisms, with behavioral studies(More)
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