Zhengguo Zhu

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Societal needs for greater security require dramatic improvements in the sensitivity of chemical and biological sensors. To meet this challenge, increasing emphasis in analytical science has been directed towards materials and devices having highly nonlinear characteristics; semiconducting organic polymers (SOPs), with their facile excited state (exciton)(More)
Efficient energy migration in conjugated polymers is critical to their performance in photovoltaic, display, and sensor devices. The ability to precisely control the polymer conformation is a key issue for the experimental investigations and deeper understanding of the nature of this process. We make use of specially designed iptycene-containing(More)
Stable solutions of conjugated poly(phenylene vinylene)s and poly(phenylene ethynylene)s in nematic liquid crystals are reported. The polymers all contain triptycene units fused into their backbones to obtain the high solubility needed to maintain solubility in complex liquid crystalline media. The polymer backbones align with the director of the nematic(More)
Recently, the capability of optical coherence tomography (OCT) has been demonstrated for noninvasive blood glucose monitoring. In this work, we investigate the administration of chemical agents onto human skin tissue to increase the transparency of the surface of the skin, as a means of improving the capability of OCT imaging for clinically relevant(More)
—One of the most important features in smart grid is power system self-healing and power quality improvement. Power quality monitoring is essential to realize this feature. Installing power quality monitors (PQM) in every component of the power network is not feasible due to economic reasons. So how to find the optimal number and locations of power quality(More)
Conjugated polymers undergo facile exciton diffusion. Different molecular structures were examined to study the role of the excited state lifetimes and molecular conformations on energy transfer. There is a clear indication that extended fluorescence lifetimes give enhanced exciton diffusion as determined by fluorescence depolarization measurements. These(More)
The design of a Dynamic Voltage Restorer that is suitable for compensating regional voltage sags in 10kV distribution system is introduced in this paper. The design of the main circuit based on cascaded H-bridge, the device for energize DVR and the transformer-less coupled circuit are presented. For the voltage sags in neutral point non-grounded system, a(More)
New polymers having high solid-state fluorescence quantum yields and the ability to tune their electron affinity without effecting their band gap using hyperconjugative interactions is reported. The novel three-dimensional poly(phenylene vinylenes) having [2.2.2] bicyclic ring systems shown were synthesized, and the different hyperconjugative perturbations(More)
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