Zhengguo Xu

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Photoelectric speed sensors (PSSs), which are used for velocity measuring and positioning, are key components of train control systems. In real applications, the performance of PSSs may degrade, such as the decrease in the number of the output pulses, which is caused by the existence of jammed code tracks on the shading plates of PSSs. Considering this kind(More)
This paper describes an online diagnosis approach for leakage and oil contamination faults in hydraulic disc brake system using feature extracted from model and an SVM classifier. A feature signal, which can reflect both faults directly, is derived from the mechanism model of hydraulic cylinder. Feature parameters extracted from the feature signal are(More)
This paper proposes a predictive maintenance policy for a dynamic system suffering from hidden degradation. Particle filtering is adopted to estimate and predict system state. With the knowledge of system state, the predictive maintenance policy is adopted. In order to evaluate the performance of the proposed maintenance policy, a mathematical model is set(More)
The paper improves the cross-correlation method about the condition monitoring for train suspension systems. The faults of both the spring and the damper are discussed and the improved technique helps quantify the result of the detection in a great accuracy. A side-view model of the vehicle is employed and the simulation verifies the effectiveness of this(More)