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In grid resource management, the scheduling strategy based on selecting resources that are near and owns more bandwidth available has better characteristics. The notion of grid-distance is proposed in this paper, which can be used as the criteria for grid selection taking physical distance, bandwidth available and cost into consideration. A grid resource(More)
Contrasting to Description Logics (DLs), there are some inherent shortcomings in classical fuzzy Description Logics (FDLs). For example, they no longer satisfy the complementary laws. In this paper, to analyze these shortcomings derived from Zadeh semantics, an improved fuzzy set definition using Boolean lattices is approached, whereas, the analogous(More)
In the research community of gene expression microarray data analysis, selecting a small number of informative genes from thousands of genes is a hot research problem for accurate classification of diseases. In this paper, we present our gene selection algorithm SIGWeight. SIGWeight expands sigmoid kernel into its Maclaurin series, and calculate the weight(More)