Zhenggang Liu

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In many physiological and disease processes, TGF-beta usurps branches of MAP kinase pathways in conjunction with Smads to induce apoptosis and epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition, but the detailed mechanism of how a MAP kinase cascade is activated by TGF-beta receptors is not clear. We report here that TRAF6 is specifically required for the(More)
The Red-Green light system is an important traffic control system, widely used in urban traffic management. Traffic light control systems need to achieve automatic control function at the junction changes. Traffic lights control system designed by single-chip computer work at a single mode, it is not easy to be upgraded or change device size. The(More)
To develop structural dimensions of service supply chain (SSC), this paper reviewed the extant structural dimensions of supply chain/network for reference. Based on the same essence as a complex evolving system, it elucidated SSC can analogize community, and analyzed the similarity between the extant structural dimensions of supply chain/network (i.e.(More)
China has conducted a national forest continuous inventory system for sustainable forest management and large forest inventory spatial databases about tree factors and ecological condition have been built during the inventory work. Digital maps generated from GIS are planar and abstract, while explicit and realistic three-dimensional landscape visualization(More)
In this paper, we propose the model of applying in forest fire prevention system for WSN of polling system with vacations and using gated services. By the imbedded Markov chain theory and the generating functions, mean queue length and mean waiting time of information packet at the sensor node are obtained. We present that increasing wireless sensors(More)
Changbai Mountain is one of the most important area in northeast of China where large area of temperate forests distribute. Lushuihe Forestry Bureau, located in the center of the region, was selected as a study site. We calculated the areas of different forest landscapes and selected MPS and CONTAG landscape indexes to carry out landscape pattern analysis(More)
Tumor hypoxia is associated with poor patient survival and is a characteristic of glioblastoma. Notch signaling is implicated in maintaining glioma stem-like cells (GSCs) within the hypoxic niche, although the molecular mechanisms linking hypoxia to Notch activation have not been clearly delineated. Here we show that Vasorin is a critical link between(More)
To measure service supply chain (SSC) with penetrable value perspective, a structural framework of strategic performance measurement system (SPMS) for value chain (VC) of SSC is put forward by ecology analogy. Based on the belief that the competition and cooperation of value supply in supply chain (SC) and value demand in demand chain (DC) are the root of(More)
A six-gear bus with traditional internal combustion engine is modified to a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) which uses both engine and motor as power sources. Vehicle simulation model is set up in AVL-Cruise software simulation platform for researching and optimizing relevant technical parameters. Logic threshold control strategy based on ruling required(More)