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The Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau is a very large land unit and an important terrestrial ecosystem within the Eurasian continent. Because of the harsh climate associated with the high altitude, alpine meadows on the plateau are susceptible to degradation from overgrazing. For this region, and for other alpine meadow pastures internationally, there is a need to(More)
It is of significance to establish an integrated evaluation system of snow disaster in northern pastoral areas. Based on the NOAA satellite digital images, field observation data, and maps of grassland type and seasonal pastureland, this paper selected the winter and spring pasturelands in Aletai region of Xinjiang as the main area of snow disaster-remote(More)
Grassland degradation, an important problem in grassland management, has affected the sustainable development of animal husbandry in Alatai region of Xinjiang. Based on the analysis of the community features, ecological service value and multiple functions, and main function of grassland types in the regional development, the classified management for(More)
Based on the theories of sustainable development of forest resources, this paper constructed an index system for the integrative evaluation on the sustainability of forest resources in Bailon River forest region of Gansu Province. After calculated the index values of five strategic levels and twenty measure levels, the degree of harmony (DH) was obtained,(More)
The dynamics of forage supply and nutrition requirements of sheep were monitored for a whole year under alpine grassland conditions in Sunan County, Gansu Province. The digestion and metabolism of grazed sheep were determined in different seasons. The results showed that the DE(9.76 MJ), CP(21.53%) and the ratio of crude protein to digestible energy (22.06(More)
With disturbed and undisturbed belts during the construction of Qinghai-Tibet highway as test objectives, this paper studied the effects of human engineering activities on the permafrost ecosystem in northern Qinghai-Tibetan plateau. The results showed that the thickness of permafrost active layer was smaller in disturbed than in undisturbed belt, and(More)
A field study was conducted in the hilly and valley regions of Loess Plateau in Gansu Province to analyze the root system development ability of several alfalfa (Medicago sativa) cultivars. Eight introduced cultivars and one local cultivar were arranged in the same site. The secondary roots of alfalfa cultivars grew mainly from the taproot underground 10-20(More)
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