Zhengfeng Hou

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Based on matrix multiplication secret sharing method, a multi-secret images sharing scheme is presented. In our scheme, participants only need to pool their pseudo-shadow instead of disclosing his secret share when recovering secret images. That is to say, each participant can share many secret images with others by holding only one secret share. Unlike(More)
In this paper a comparison between face recognition rate with noise and face recognition rate without noise is presented. In our work we assume that all the images in the ORL faces database are noisy images. We applied the wavelet based image de-noising methods to this database and created new databases, then the face recognition rate are calculated to(More)
A new authentication scheme based on verifiable secret sharing is proposed. To prevent the authority cheating, the certification authority (CA) in our scheme consists of n members whose shares are distributed without the assistance of a dealer. At least t members are necessary to create a certificate, and less than t members can do nothing, so that our(More)
In this paper, some problems on the topology design of network are discussed. An exact formula to calculate the delay of a line will be provided. In the design, the key problem is how to find some efficient heuristic algorithms. To solve this problem, a nonliner-discrete-capacity assignment heuristic and a hybrid perturbation heuristic are suggested. Then,(More)
For changing the traditional method based on experience in industrial Ethernet network system (IENS) design, a general one based on load analysis for IECS with redundant topology is presented. As industrial Ethernet network system with hierarchical topology is the key part of redundant topology system, its objective and constraint in design is depicted by(More)
It is important to do research on the source trustworthiness of the massive data under network environment. A detection method of source trustworthiness in text is proposed and designed based on cognitive hash. Based on the HowNet semantic features, this paper designs a text cognitive hash, and proposes a method evaluating feasible hash distance.(More)
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