Zhengchun Zhou

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By interleaving one length-N perfect sequence or ideal sequence according to elaborate phases, a new method of construction of zero correlation zone (ZCZ) and low correlation zone (LCZ) sequence sets is presented. The resultant sequence sets are optimal or almost optimal with respect to Tang, Fan, and Matsufuji bound. Furthermore, the new method provides(More)
In this paper, the partial Hamming correlation properties of frequency-hopping sequences (FHSs) are discussed. The Peng-Fan bounds on sets of FHSs are generalized to the case of partial correlation. Both individual FHSs with optimal partial autocorrelation and sets of FHSs with optimal partial correlation are presented. The former has more new parameters(More)
Cyclic codes are a subclass of linear codes and have applications in consumer electronics, data storage systems, and communication systems as they have efficient encoding and decoding algorithms. In this paper, a family of p-ary cyclic codes whose duals have three pairwise nonconjugate zeros is proposed. The weight distribution of this family of cyclic(More)
Linear codes with few weights have applications in secrete sharing, authentication codes, association schemes, and strongly regular graphs. In this paper, several classes of p-ary linear codes with two or three weights are constructed from quadratic Bent functions over the finite field Fp, where p is an odd prime. They include some earlier linear codes as(More)
Linear codes with a few weights have applications in consumer electronics, communication, data storage system, secret sharing, authentication codes, association schemes, and strongly regular graphs. This paper first generalizes the method of constructing two-weight and three-weight linear codes of Ding et al. and Zhou et al. to general weakly regular bent(More)
Cyclic codes are an interesting class of linear codes due to their efficient encoding and decoding algorithms. Bose-Ray-Chaudhuri-Hocquenghem (BCH) codes form a subclass of cyclic codes and are very important in both theory and practice as they have good error-correcting capability and are widely used in communication systems, storage devices, and consumer(More)
Support recovery of sparse signals from noisy measurements with orthogonal matching pursuit (OMP) has been extensively studied in the literature. In this paper, we show that for any K-sparse signal x, if the sensing matrix A satisfies the restricted isometry property (RIP) of order K+1 with restricted isometry constant (RIC) &#x03B4;<sub>K+1</sub> &lt;;(More)
Zero-difference balanced (ZDB) functions were introduced recently by Ding for the construction of optimal constant-composition codes, and optimal and perfect difference systems of sets. They are closely related to partitioned difference families. In this paper, we present generic constructions of ZDB functions from functions with difference-balanced(More)
As an optimal combinatorial object, zero-difference balanced (ZDB) functions introduced by Ding in 2008, are a generalization of the well-known perfect nonlinear functions. ZDB functions have received much attention in recent years due to its important applications in coding theory and sequence design. One objective of this paper is to present a(More)