Zhengchao Wei

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We propose a quantum key distribution scheme that combines a biased basis choice with the decoy-state method. In this scheme, Alice sends all signal states in the Z basis and decoy states in the X and Z basis with certain probabilities, and Bob measures received pulses with optimal basis choice. This scheme simplifies the system and reduces the random(More)
In this paper, we present the p m -ary entanglement-assisted (EA) stabilizer formalism, where p is a prime and m is a positive integer. Given an arbitrary non-abelian “stabilizer”, the problem of code construction and encoding is settled perfectly in the case of m = 1. The optimal number of required maximally entangled pairs is discussed and an algorithm to(More)
Reconciliation is an important step to correct errors in Quantum Key Distribution (QKD). In QKD, after comparing basis, two legitimate parties possess two correlative keys which have some differences and they could obtain identical keys through reconciliation. In this paper, we present a new rate compatible reconciliation scheme based on Row Combining with(More)
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