Zhengbing Jiang

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BACKGROUND For industrial bioconversion processes, the utilization of surface-displayed lipase in the form of whole-cell biocatalysts is more advantageous, because the enzymes are displayed on the cell surface spontaneously, regarded as immobilized enzymes. RESULTS Two Pichia pastoris cell surface display vectors based on the flocculation functional(More)
The stacking fermentation (SF) process is a bridge between Daqu making and alcoholic fermentation in the pits. Revealing the dynamic diversification of the microbial functional groups in this process is of vital importance to unfold the mechanism of Baiyunbian liquor flavor, and improve the quantity and production of the traditional Chinese liquor(More)
The corncob is an important biomass for bioalcohol production. However, there is a minor but complicated pretreatment process before it is used for bioalcohol fermentation. In this study, three genetically modified Saccharomyces cerevisiae Y33 strains containing endoglucanase (EG), cellobiohydrolase (CBH), and β-glucosidase (BG) genes were constructed. A(More)
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