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Grain size and shape are important components of grain yield and quality and have been under selection since cereals were first domesticated. Here, we show that a quantitative trait locus GW8 is synonymous with OsSPL16, which encodes a protein that is a positive regulator of cell proliferation. Higher expression of this gene promotes cell division and grain(More)
Grain yield is controlled by quantitative trait loci (QTLs) derived from natural variations in many crop plants. Here we report the molecular characterization of a major rice grain yield QTL that acts through the determination of panicle architecture. The dominant allele at the DEP1 locus is a gain-of-function mutation causing truncation of a(More)
Teosinte ( subsp. H. H. Iltis & Doebley) has greater genetic diversity than maize inbreds and landraces ( subsp. ). There are, however, limited genetic resources to efficiently evaluate and tap this diversity. To broaden resources for genetic diversity studies in maize, we developed and evaluated 928 near-isogenic introgression lines (NILs) from 10 teosinte(More)
Root systems are a black box obscuring a comprehensive understanding of plant function, from the ecosystem scale down to the individual. In particular, a lack of knowledge about the genetic mechanisms and environmental effects that condition root system growth hinders our ability to develop the next generation of crop plants for improved agricultural(More)
Seed traits have been targeted by human selection during the domestication of crop species as a way to increase the caloric and nutritional content of food during the transition from hunter-gather to early farming societies. The primary seed trait under selection was likely seed size/weight as it is most directly related to overall grain yield. Additional(More)
Using the internet for online information search has become the current main channel of getting information when tourists design a travel plan. However, with the rise of the internet and e-commerce websites, tourists are often submerged in a lot of information search and product selection. According to the customer service information of travel website,(More)
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