Zhengben Zhang

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This paper reports a newly developed technique that uses artificial neural networks to aid in the automated interpretation of peptide sequence from high-energy collision-induced dissociation (CID) tandem mass spectra of peptides. Two artificial neural networks classify fragment ions before the commencement of an iterative sequencing algorithm. The first(More)
Image acquisition system consists of four major components: CMOS circuit cameras, camera cache control logic, SRAM memory and embedded system bus interface. Wireless sensor network is composed of numerous tiny sensor nodes which are randomly laid in a specific detection area consisting of self-organizing networks. The paper presents development CMOS sensor(More)
The noise in the acoustic emission (AE) signal must be removed to identify the mode of AE signal accurately. The Wavelet threshold de-noising method shows some unique advantages. Based on the threshold selection risky problem, K-means clustering method was used to classify the high-frequency coefficients by the wavelet decomposition to determine the removal(More)
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