Zhengbao Li

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TDMA protocols have attracted a lot of attention for underwater acoustic sensor networks (UWSNs), because of the unique characteristics of acoustic signal propagation such as great energy consumption in transmission, long propagation delay and long communication range. Previous TDMA protocols all allocated transmission time to nodes based on discrete time(More)
Underwater wireless Sensor network is often constrained by limited power, limited communication range and high bit error rate (BER). We focus on designing a TDMA service for a cube-based underwater wireless sensor network. Such network is readily found in many applications in the area of monitoring, hazard detection, and so on. In this paper, we propose an(More)
Seafloor Observatory Network is evolved rapidly over the last two decades by means of new projects towards the establishment of permanent underwater networks. It can provide abundant power and wide bandwidth for science instruments through backbone cable and junction box. In this paper, we develop low voltage(LV) power system which is applied to provide(More)
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