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String matching is a classical problem in computer science. After the study of the Naïve string search, Brute Force and the KMP algorithm, several advantages and disadvantages of the algorithms have been analyzed. Considering KMP in particular concept of parallelization has been introduced to improve the performance of the KMP algorithm. The algorithm is(More)
Citation Gong, Zheng, Mark Andrews, Srinivasan Jagannathan, Ruben Patel, J. Michael Jech, Nicholas C. Makris, and Purnima Ratilal. “Low-Frequency Target Strength and Abundance of Shoaling Atlantic Herring (Clupea Harengus) in the Gulf of Maine During the Ocean Acoustic Waveguide Remote Sensing 2006 Experiment.” The Journal of the Acoustical Society of(More)
The aim of the present study was to compare fiber type compositions in terms of Myosin Heavy Chain (MyHC) and expression levels of myostatin (MSTN) and myogenin (MyoG) in longissimus dorsi of two rabbit breeds with different body sizes. Longissimus dorsi samples of Qixin rabbits (n=12) and German New Zealand of ZIKA rabbits (n=12) at 84d after birth(More)
  • Tan Cuiping, Zheng, Li Guangda
  • 2013
In order to eliminate the ambiguity in semantic understandings during the retrieval of the users, as well as mining the relationship between the concept of agricultural knowledge, the association of knowledge among heterogeneous databases needs to be set up, which enable users to discover useful knowledge clues, and gradually form solution for the ultimate(More)
Twelve compounds were isolated from Annona squamosa. Their structures were identified as liriodenine (AS-1), moupinamide (AS-2), -(-)-kauran-16 alpha-ol-19-oic acid (AS-3), 16 beta, 17-dihydroxy-(-)-kauran-19-oic acid (AS-4), anonaine (AS-5), 16 alpha, 17-dihydroxy-(-)-kauran-19-oic acid (AS-6), (-)-isokaur-15(16)-en-17,19-dioic acid (AS-7), squamosamide(More)
Article is made available in accordance with the publisher's policy and may be subject to US copyright law. Please refer to the publisher's site for terms of use. The MIT Faculty has made this article openly available. Please share how this access benefits you. Your story matters. We show that pronounced modulations in spin and charge densities can be(More)
To produce high quality software both software developers and testers need continuous improvement in their work methodologies and processes. In this paper, we develop the test case which drives from use case and applying defect classification scheme (ODC) at every test for classifying the defects. For this we conduct an exploratory study on two large web(More)
Abstract: In order to adapt to all kinds of spectral mask and utilize the full frequency band and avoid interference to/from the existing wireless systems for ultra wideband (UWB), this paper investigates two pulse designs for ultra wideband-cognitive radio (UWB-CR) by using multiple modified transform domain communication system (M-TDCS). By applying(More)
Invasion of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) cells is a leading cause of intrahepatic dissemination and metastasis. Autophagy is considered to be an important mediator in the invasion of cancer cells. However, the precise contribution of autophagy to cancer cell invasion and underlying mechanisms remain unclear. Autophagy was induced in HepG2 and BEL7402(More)