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Scavenging and antioxidant properties of compound derived from chlorogenic acid in South-China honeysuckle
Abstract Chlorogenic acid (CGA) is a natural antioxidant, and nowadays its application has been distributed in medicine, food processing and cosmetic chemical industry. However, at a certain extentExpand
Production of extremely pure diacylglycerol from soybean oil by lipase-catalyzed glycerolysis.
Research work was objectively targeted to synthesize highly pure diacylglycerol (DAG) with glycerolysis of soybean oil in a solvent medium of t-butanol, and Novozym 435 was the best out of three candidates. Expand
Antioxidation properties and mechanism of action of dihydromyricetin from Ampelopsis grossedentata.
DMY showed great antioxidative effect and would be a good natural antioxidant and was shown to greatly inhibit the increase of lipid peroxidation values in linolei acid system catalyzed by FeSO4-edetic acid. Expand
Structure characterization of a novel polysaccharide from Dictyophora indusiata and its macrophage immunomodulatory activities.
The immunostimulating assay indicated that DP1 could significantly promote macrophage NO, TNF-α, and IL-6 secretion in murine RAW 264.7 cells involving complement receptor 3 (CR3). Expand
In situ carbon supplementation in large-scale cultivations of Spirulina platensis in open raceway pond
The results demonstrated that this in situ carbon-supply system could obtain a favorable CO2 utilization efficiency in outdoor, large-scale cultivation of Spirulina platensis in open raceway ponds. Expand
Intracellular antioxidant detoxifying effects of diosmetin on 2,2-azobis(2-amidinopropane) dihydrochloride (AAPH)-induced oxidative stress through inhibition of reactive oxygen species generation.
Diosmetin could significantly restore AAPH-induced increase of intracelluar antioxidant enzyme (SOD, GPx, and CAT) activities to normal levels, as well as inhibit intracellular malondialdehyde (MDA) formation. Expand
Biofunctionalization of Selenium Nanoparticle with Dictyophora Indusiata Polysaccharide and Its Antiproliferative Activity through Death-Receptor and Mitochondria-Mediated Apoptotic Pathways
A facile, single-step, first-time synthesis and in-situ functionalization strategy for the preparation of monodispersed selenium nanoparticles functionalized using a novel polysaccharide (DP1) extracted from Dictyophora indusiata is reported. Expand
Interaction between four flavonoids and trypsin: effect on the characteristics of trypsin and antioxidant activity of flavonoids
Summary Interaction of flavonoids and enzyme may affect characteristics and physiological activities of both components. In this study, the effects of the interaction between four flavonoidsExpand
Characterization and antioxidant activity of flavonoid-rich extracts from leaves of Ampelopsis grossedentata.
Leaves of Ampelopsis grossedentata have been consumed in southern China as health tea and herbal medicine. In this study, two kinds of flavonoid-rich extracts from leaves of A. grossedentata wereExpand
Allelic Variations of a Light Harvesting Chlorophyll A/B-Binding Protein Gene (Lhcb1) Associated with Agronomic Traits in Barley
Five SNPs in Lhcb1 were significantly associated with at least one of the six agronomic traits evaluated, namely plant height, spike length, number of grains per spike, thousand grain weight, flag leaf area and leaf color, and these SNPs may be used as potential markers for improvement of these barley traits. Expand