Zheng-qin Gu

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OBJECTIVE The purpose of the present study was to investigate the in vitro effects of baicalin on induction of apoptosis in human prostate cancer cell line DU145. METHOD Human prostate cancer cell line DU145 was treated with different concentration of baicalin in vitro. The apoptosis rate was determined by FACS analysis, cell cycle distribution was(More)
CXCL12/CXCR4 signaling plays important roles in tumor cell metastasis in many types of cancers, and CXCR4 is the key regulator of cell motility in bladder cancer. Emerging evidence suggests that transcription-3 (Stat3) activation is associated with bladder cancer cell growth and survival, while the relationship between CXCL12/CXCR4 signal and Stat3(More)
In this study, we examined the relationship between sex hormone levels and lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) in men with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) who underwent transurethral surgery. The study was conducted in 158 patients who came to our hospital for surgery. Clinical conditions were assessed by body mass index (BMI), digital rectal(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate whether the human PC-3 cell infected with recombinant Ad-PTEN and Ad-p27Kip1 can steadily produce PTEN and p27Kip1 protein and change the biologic behaviors such as cell proliferation, cell cycle and apoptosis. The synergistic effect of PTEN and p27Kip1 on the therapy for prostate cancer has also been investigated. METHODS We(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effects of adenovirus-mediated PTEN and P27 on the invasion of PC-3 in vitro and angiogenesis, along with their synergy in the treatment of prostate cancer. METHODS Recombinant adenovirus vectors of the human tumor suppressor genes PTEN and P27 were constructed. The replication-incompetent recombinant adenovirus was packaged(More)
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