Zheng-ming Zhang

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Four kinds of iron oxide pigments were added into wood-fiber/high-density-polyethylene composites (WF/HDPE) at three different concentrations, to determine the effects of pigments on the changes in the color and mechanical properties of the composites before and after UV accelerated weathering. HDPE, wood fibers, pigments and other processing additives were(More)
Rice-hull powder is widely used in manufacturing reinforced plastic composites. However, its weathering ability is rarely considered. We studied the performance of two types of rice-hull-polyethylene (RH-PE) composites after they were exposed outdoor to natural weathering for two years. The samples did not change in bending strength and elasticity modulus.(More)
OBJECTIVE To detect concentrations of serum gonadal hormones (testosterone, estradiol and progesterone) in musk-secreting period and estrus of Moschus berezovskii, and to study the association of serum gonadal hormones concentrations and musk-secreting. METHODS The concentrations of serum gonadal hormones were detected with magnetic particle separation(More)
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