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The simultaneous wireless transfer of information and power with the help of a relay equipped with multiple antennas is considered in this letter, where a " harvest-and-forward " strategy is proposed. In particular, the relay harvests energy and obtains information from the source with the radio-frequent signals by jointly using the antenna selection (AS)(More)
| Numerous formal verication systems have been proposed and developed for Finite Sate Machine based control units (notably SMV[19] as well as others). However , most research on the equivalence checking of datap-aths is still conned to the bit-level. F ormal verication of arithmetic expressions and synthesized datapaths, especially considering nite(More)
Based on the original model, this paper mainly introduces modification to the cloud index in both temporal and spatial dimension, and leads to a new drought monitoring model with a stable performance to the temporal and spatial variation of remote sensing data. In this study, taking into consideration of the temporal and spatial variation, a comprehensive(More)
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA, instituted April 2003) Security Standards mandate health institutions to protect health information against unauthorized use or disclosure. One approach to addressing this mandate is by utilizing user access control and generating audit trails of the various authorized as well as unauthorized(More)
In ad hoc networks, designing a secure routing protocol is critical. The FLSL (Fuzzy Logic Based Security-Level Routing Protocol) routing protocol is proposed in this paper. The basic idea of FLSL is to utilize the " local multicast " mechanism and the Security-Level to select the highest Security-Level route. The proposed algorithm of Security-Level is an(More)
Computer aided diagnosis/detection (CAD) goes beyond subjective visual assessment of clinical images providing quantitative computer analysis of the image content, and can greatly improve clinical diagnostic outcome. Many CAD applications, including commercial and research CAD, have been developed with no ability to integrate the CAD results with a clinical(More)