Zheng Zheng

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Excellent Engineer Training Plan is an important measure in a longer period in the future for China of higher engineering education reform, and the Plan is a new quality engineering to promote the training of top talents for colleges and universities in meeting the needs of social and economic development. A brief overview of talent cultivation of Excellent(More)
The Environmental Studies Senior Seminar (ENVS 401) is the capstone course for the Environmental Studies major. The goal of this course is to bring seniors from the various foci within the Environmental Studies major together to examine a specific topic in depth from an interdisciplinary perspective. The course follows a service-learning teaching model,(More)
"Safety first," we say these words almost every day, but we all take this for granted for what Maslow proposed in his famous theory of Hierarchy of Needs: safety needs come second to physiological needs. Here we propose that safety needs come before physiological needs. Safety needs are personal security, financial security, and health and well-being, which(More)
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