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MOTIVATION Disulfide bonds are primary covalent crosslinks between two cysteine residues in proteins that play critical roles in stabilizing the protein structures and are commonly found in extracy-toplasmatic or secreted proteins. In protein folding prediction, the localization of disulfide bonds can greatly reduce the search in conformational space.(More)
The Arabidopsis thaliana ABORTED MICROSPORES (AMS) gene encodes a basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH) transcription factor that is required for tapetal cell development and postmeiotic microspore formation. However, the regulatory role of AMS in anther and pollen development has not been fully defined. Here, we show by microarray analysis that the expression of(More)
BACKGROUND Protein tertiary structure can be partly characterized via each amino acid's contact number measuring how residues are spatially arranged. The contact number of a residue in a folded protein is a measure of its exposure to the local environment, and is defined as the number of Cbeta atoms in other residues within a sphere around the Cbeta atom of(More)
This paper describes our submission to the CoNLL 2014 shared task on grammatical error correction using a hybrid approach, which includes both a rule-based and an SMT system augmented by a large web-based language model. Furthermore, we demonstrate that correction type estimation can be used to remove unnecessary corrections, improving precision without(More)
This paper describes our use of phrase-based statistical machine translation (PB-SMT) for the automatic correction of errors in learner text in our submission to the CoNLL 2013 Shared Task on Grammatical Error Correction. Since the limited training data provided for the task was insufficient for training an effective SMT system, we also explored alternative(More)
The sparse nature of historical rating profile hinders reliable similarity metrics between users, leading to poor recommendation performance. The availability of user social networks and user opinions can be incorporated to improve prediction accuracy. One of the key points is how to make the multiple sources of information consistent for the purpose of(More)
Some new near 5 rounds impossible differential properties of AES are first presented in this paper, in which active bytes of 1 st round or 5 th round are in different columns and in favor of extension. Additionally , we first propose the complexities expressions of an universal impossible differential attack, which can help us to rapidly search appropriate(More)
BACKGROUND The majority of peptide bonds in proteins are found to occur in the trans conformation. However, for proline residues, a considerable fraction of Prolyl peptide bonds adopt the cis form. Proline cis/trans isomerization is known to play a critical role in protein folding, splicing, cell signaling and transmembrane active transport. Accurate(More)
A new method has been developed for prediction of transmembrane helices using support vector machines. Different coding schemes of protein sequences were explored, and their performances were assessed by crossvalidation tests. The best performance method can predict the transmembrane helices with sensitivity of 93.4% and precision of 92.0%. For each(More)
BACKGROUND RNA-protein interactions are important for a wide range of biological processes. Current computational methods to predict interacting residues in RNA-protein interfaces predominately rely on sequence data. It is, however, known that interface residue propensity is closely correlated with structural properties. In this paper we systematically(More)