Zheng-Yi Fu

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A layer of macrocyclic calix[4]arene derivatives has been grafted on the internal surface of the mesochannels of the ordered mesoporous SBA-15 to develop highly efficient trap for heavy transition metal (HTM) ions. To ensure the successful anchoring of calix[4]arene derivatives on the surface of SBA-15, two different types of calix[4]arene derivatives, one(More)
Highly sensitive and selective nanosensor for labile iron pool (LIP) determination, has been designed and prepared by immobilization of Fluoresceine-Desferrioxamine (Fl-DFO), a bifunctional fluoro-siderophore probe molecule with great affinity for iron ions (pKf=30.7), into highly ordered mesoporous silica structure. Different immobilization methods of(More)
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