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A measurement of head-related transfer functions (HRTFs) with high spatial resolution was carried out in this study. HRTF measurement is difficult in the proximal region because of the lack of an appropriate acoustic point source. In this paper, a modified spark gap was used as the acoustic sound source. Our evaluation experiments showed that the spark gap(More)
Hive is the most mature and prevalent data warehouse tool providing SQL-like interface in the Hadoop ecosystem. It is successfully used in many Internet companies and shows its value for big data processing in traditional industries. However, enterprise big data processing systems as in Smart Grid applications usually require complicated business logics and(More)
Multi-user network applications are often met in our normal life, especially as WEB comes up. And it is usually configured into a distributed system. In such distributed environment, task scheduling plays an important role. Unlike traditional scheduling, there are lots of uncertainties which consist in task arrival process, state of processing units, and(More)
Chip multi-processors are applied in embedded system. An embedded system with multi-cores is considered large and consumes substantial power. Scathed-pad memory (SPM) and non-volatile memory (NVM) are new memory technologies, and an embedded system that uses SPM and NVM can reduce its size and power consumption.This study proposes an optimization of data(More)
The measurement and structure of a database of distance-dependent head-related transfer function is introduced in this paper. This database was setup by measuring a high spatial resolution head-related transfer function at a total of 6344 space points, with distance from 20 to 160 cm, elevation from -40 to 90 degrees, and azimuth from 0 to 360 degrees. The(More)
• Propose the concept and method of proactive scheduling. • Formulate dynamic scheduling as a MDP problem. • Develop an online scheduling algorithm based on reinforcement learning. • Demonstrate our learning-based algorithm stable with lower average response time. a b s t r a c t In distributed computing such as grid computing, online users submit their(More)
In Smart Grid, High-performance analysis of massive meter data is very crucial for electric companies to make decisions. With our observation, these data analysis applications typically involve multidimensional range queries (MDRQ) on meter data. While popular data warehouses for big data, like Hive, can perform complex analysis, but lack efficient index(More)