Zheng Xia Jun

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A position and pose detection method of moving object in fog and dust environment is proposed in this paper. Laser array comprised of four angled lasers is mounted on a turntable fixated on the detecting object. The turntable is tuned automatically to guarantee that all laser spots are projected onto a plate, which keeps stationary with the world coordinate(More)
With high resolution satellites observation scope expanding, observation means increasing, observation data volume enlarging, all kinds of emergency tasks from military and civilian fields are more and more. The high resolution satellites need fast investigation, rapid mobility, rapid transmission and emergency rescue ability. Since 2008 China had(More)
Sediment is an important problem in the evolving, planning management and comprehensive utilization of the Yellow river, observation and collection of the deposition are the basis of reservoir sedimentation. Current gravity sampling techniques can effectively get hard riverbed samples, but there are some problems in access of soft sediment. Based on the(More)
The oxygen sensor of electronic fuel injection engine is one of important sensors in electronic control gasoline injection system. The oxygen sensor can do the role of monitoring and instruction to internal combustion in engine cylinder. This paper verify oxygen sensor in the diagnosis of the role of EFI engine failure through measuring engine-related(More)
Up to now it is the duty of ground satellite control centers to provide daily operation services for on-orbit GEO satellites. With the evolution in technologies and human cognition, if an on-orbit GEO satellite can take over the task by itself, it will dramatically reduce the burden borne by the ground, along with improving its independent survivability and(More)
The data relay satellite as a typical GEO satellite application plays an important role in the TT&C and data transmission based on space. Taking into account operation and production cost of the relay satellite very high, so it is great to significantly improve the social and economic benefits as much as possible to extend the satellite in orbit life.(More)
In the general way, routine eclipse prediction methods can only provide starting and ending time prediction. However it cannot give us accurate sate switch time prediction. It does not ensure satellites safety. This paper brings up a new GEO satellite energy switching time calculation algorithm in eclipse period. This method not only provides accurate(More)
With the application field expanding of the data relay satellite in modern space technology, manned spacecraft will install the relay terminal and realize the high speed data transmission from spacecraft to control center by use of data relay satellites system. However, there are many factors such as the spacecraft regular orbit maneuver, astronauts(More)
In order to solve the problem that the SVPWM over modulation caused the fluctuation of steadystate speed in the flux weakening region of surface-mounted permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM), by analyzing the mechanism of the leading angle flux weakening control algorithm, the conclusion is that the sixth harmonic of inverter output voltage caused by(More)
This paper analyzes the relationships between orbit variations and MW rotation rates variations during station-keeping control and brings up a new evaluation algorithm of station-keeping control results by using variation of angular momentum. This algorithm can evaluate the control results rapidly and get precise semi-major axis, eccentricity, longitude(More)
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