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AMPK&agr;2 Protects Against the Development of Heart Failure by Enhancing Mitophagy via PINK1 Phosphorylation
Rationale: Mitochondrial dysfunction plays an important role in heart failure (HF). However, the molecular mechanisms regulating mitochondrial functions via selective mitochondrial autophagyExpand
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Compact, Frequency-Reconfigurable Filtenna With Sharply Defined Wideband and Continuously Tunable Narrowband States
A compact, frequency-reconfigurable filtenna with sharp out-of-band rejection in both its wideband and continuously tunable narrowband states is presented. It is intended for use in cognitive radioExpand
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In this paper,La 0.66 x Li 3x TiO 2.993 (x≤0.11) series oxides were synthesized hydrothermally.The crystallite products were characterized by mean of XRD,IR,SEM,XPS and ICP.The results indicated thatExpand
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Nuclear miR-665 aggravates heart failure via suppressing phosphatase and tensin homolog transcription
Although numerous miRNAs have been discovered, their functions in the different subcellular organelles have remained obscure. In this study, we found that miR-665 was enriched in the nucleus ofExpand
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An Intelligent Recommendation System based on Customer Segmentation
Collaborative filtering has been known to be one of the most successful recommendation methods, but its application to e-commerce has exposed well-known limitations such as sparsity and scalability,Expand
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GW25-e4276 The mechanism of Wenxin Granule prevention on ventricular arrhythmia during acute myocardial ischemia and reperfusion
Wenxin granule (WXG), a Chinese herbal compound, has been widely applied in protecting myocardial cells and reducing ventricular arrhythmia (VA) after myocardial infarction. Its mechanism ofExpand
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Cardiomyocyte-specific expression of CYP2J2 prevents development of cardiac remodelling induced by angiotensin II.
AIMS Cardiac remodelling is one of the key pathological changes that occur with cardiovascular disease. Previous studies have demonstrated the beneficial effects of CYP2J2 expression on cardiacExpand
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Synthesis, characterization, interaction with DNA and cytotoxicity in vitro of novel pyridine complexes with Zn(II).
Four novel Zn(II) complexes [Zn(L(1))(bipy)(H(2)O)(2)].4H(2)O(1), [Zn(L(1))(phen)(H(2)O)(2)].4H(2)O(2), [Zn(L(2))(bipy)(H(2)O)(2)].4H(2)O(3) and [Zn(L(2))(phen)(H(2)O)(2)].4H(2)O (4), whereExpand
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Ranolazine prevents pressure overload‐induced cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure by restoring aberrant Na+ and Ca2+ handling
Cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure are characterized by increased late sodium current and abnormal Ca2+ handling. Ranolazine, a selective inhibitor of the late sodium current, can reduce sodiumExpand
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MiR-320a induces diabetic nephropathy via inhibiting MafB
Multiple studies indicate that microRNAs (miRNAs) are involved in diabetes. However, the roles of miRNA in the target organ damages in diabetes remain unclear. This study investigated the functionsExpand
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