Zheng-Shu Zhou

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Consistent estimation of carbon stocks at national level requires the integration of wall-to-wall, time-series satellite and in situ data of forest area, type and change. In 2008, the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) initiated the Forest Carbon Tracking (FCT) task to address concerns over the lack of standardised methods for the processing and generation(More)
ALIS (Advanced Landmine Imaging System), which is a novel landmine detection sensor system combined with a metal detector and GPR, was developed. This is a hand-held equipment, which has a sensor position tracking system, and can visualize the sensor output in real time on a head-mounted PC display. In order to achieve the sensor tracking system, ALIS needs(More)
An Interferometric Ground-Based Synthetic Aperture Radar (In-GB-SAR) system has been developed. The system employs similar principles as the airborne or space borne SAR. In the developed In-GB-SAR system, the technique of differential interferometry is used to detect small changes on the target at different times and under different conditions. Experimental(More)