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Despite the growing evidences on the relation of altered expression of miRNAs and schizophrenia, most schizophrenia subjects have an extensive antipsychotic treatment history and the pharmacological effects on miRNA expression are largely unknown. This study aimed to investigate the change of plasma microRNA-181b level and improvement of symptomatology(More)
Improving resource utilization has been a hot issue in heterogeneous wireless networks (HWNs). This paper proposes a radio resource management (RRM) method based on access proportion optimization. By considering two or more wireless networks in overlapping regions, users in these regions must select one of the networks to access when they engage in calls.(More)
The mechanisms of resistance to nucleoside analogues established in preclinical models are rarely found in primary tumors resistant to therapy with these agents. We tested the hypothesis that cells sense sublethal incorporation of analogues into DNA during replication and react by arresting further DNA synthesis and cell cycle progression. After removal of(More)
Polygonatum odoratum lectin (POL), isolated from traditional Chinese medicine herb (Mill.) Druce, has drawn rising attention due to its wide biological activities. In the present study, anti-tumor effects, including apoptosis- and autophagy-inducing properties of POL, were determined by a series of cell biology methods such as MTT, cellular morphology(More)