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Since wind at the earth's surface has an intrinsically complex and stochastic nature, accurate wind power forecasts are necessary for the safe and economic use of wind energy. In this paper, we investigated a combination of numeric and probabilistic models: a Gaussian process (GP) combined with a numerical weather prediction (NWP) model was applied to(More)
Dense stereo disparity map provides a robust method on distance measurements in a 3D scene. Due to its computational complexity in nature, it has been a challenge to achieve real-time processing. In the past years, various algorithms have been studied in order to reach the goal of real-time processing. In this paper, a Dynamic Time Warp (DTW) algorithm is(More)
Dense stereo disparity map displayed in real time as video is one form of 3D video that renders objects in the scene by the intensity modulation in terms of the distance to the objects. With two cameras whose the optical axes are parallel, the stereo disparity is calculated to find the range to the objects. Sophisticated matching algorithms are generally(More)
We have investigated the effect of ginseng on antiperoxidation in myocardium and erythrocytes of streptozocin-induced diabetic rats. In the group of ginseng administration (ginseng solution 0.2g/200g/day, lasting 15-16 days), there was a significant decrease in the level of fasting blood-glucose and lipid peroxide (LPO) in myocardium and erythrocytes, in(More)
Heterocyclic amines (HAs) are carcinogenic combustion products formed during the cooking of meat at moderate to high temperatures. PhIP is the most common HA formed in fried, grilled or broiled meat, and is a colon, breast, and prostate carcinogen in rodents. The major metabolites of PhIP detected in human urine are N(2)-OH-PhIP-N(2)-glucuronide,(More)
Since wind has an intrinsically complex and stochastic nature, accurate wind power forecasts are necessary for the safety and economics of wind energy utilization. In this paper, we investigate a combination of numeric and probabilistic models: one-day-ahead wind power forecasts were made with Gaussian Processes (GPs) applied to the outputs of a Numerical(More)
We demonstrated herein a newly developed photoelectrochemical cell-sensor for the determination of SMMC-7721 human hepatoma carcinoma cells (SMMC-7721 cells) by using a photosensitive CdS-polyamidoamine (G4) nano-composite film (CdS-PAMAM). The film was generated by electrodeposition method. The presence of PAMAM in the film eliminated the surface defects(More)
We propose a fast and accurate determination method for transverse relaxation of the spin-exchange-relaxation-free (SERF) magnetometer. This method is based on the measurement of magnetic resonance linewidth via a chirped magnetic field excitation and the amplitude spectrum analysis. Compared with the frequency sweeping via separate sinusoidal excitation,(More)
In this paper, Tikhonov regularization method, with its regularization parameter determined by L-curve criterion, is applied to measure nonuniform temperature distribution based on line-of-sight tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) through simulation. By using temperature binning method, number of bins should be increased in order to resolve(More)
With popular application of Direct Current (DC) transmission system, the DC Electronic current transformer (ECT) is studied broadly. But the worse exchangeability and nonlinearity, and the stability of long-term operation all still in exist for DC ECT. So in this paper the on-line calibration method is proposed in order to solve existed problems. The Giant(More)