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Application of three plant growth regulators to peanut production
The results showed that 15% paclobutrazol WP,10% polyonychia WP or daminocide could effectively inhibit the growth of peanut plants but promote the pods abundant and full and lead to high yield.The
[Advances in researches on mechanism of macrophage migration inhibitory factor regulating parasite-host immune interaction].
The regulation of MIF gene expression following parasitic infections, the role of M IF in parasite-host immune system interactions, and important signaling pathways of Mif-mediated immune responses are reviewed.
[Human thelaziasis callipaeda in Tongren area of Guizhou Province: a case report].
This paper reports a case of human thelaziasis callipaeda in Tongren area of Guizhou Province.
[Sequential analysis of genome of Thelazia callipaeda].
The preliminarily revealed the T. cp genome structure characteristics and annotation information, and totally 6 333 genes are obtained.
Combined Toxicity of Pentachlorophenol(PCP)and Octachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin(OCDD)on Development of Zebrafish(Danio rerio)Embryos
The results showed that there was no obvious combined toxicity to zebrafish embryos at the experimental exposure concentrations and no obvious effect on survival and development was found for the combined exposure of PCP and OCDD.
Influence of lymphocyte from human peripheral blood by sodium pentachlorophenate and dioxons remnant toxicant.
Adopting comet test and micronucleus test, the influence effect of sodium pentachlorophenate (Na-PCP) united role with dioxins on the lymphocyte of human peripheral blood in schistosomiasis epidemic
[Genetic variation of Thelazia callipaeda among isolates collected from patients in Zunyi City, Guizhou Province].
Zunyi City is a new area with endemic of thelaziasis with either Asian origin or European origin of T. callipaeda and at least four haplotypes are identified among the seven isolates.