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<italic>This paper presents a model of the document-hypermedia world which shows the bi-directional exchanges between the two worlds which are facilitated by international standards and a widely accepted hypertext reference model. In particular we show the role of the Dexter Model and the SGML/HyTime standards in supporting document-hypermedia(More)
In the course of realizing the economical operation of the power station, it is a very key course that the optimized distribution of units' load. So it is need a kind of very good computing method to solve this problem. This paper introduce the niche genetic algorithm to solve the optimized distribution of units' load, and while realize the concrete(More)
Selecting the construction method, scheduling activities, and scheduling space are key to constructing a project effectively and efficiently. They are interrelated and interdependent. In current construction planning, the selection of the construction methods, activity scheduling, and space scheduling have been tackled as independent problems. Their(More)
Berberine, a well-known plant alkaloid derived from Rhizoma coptidis, has potential applications as a therapeutic drug for diabetic nephropathy. However, the transporter-mediated renal transport of berberine remains largely unclear. This study aimed to investigate the renal transport mechanism of berberine using transfected cells, kidney slices, and animal(More)
Medium access control (MAC) is a key issue in multi-hop ad hoc network where a common channel is shared by a population of users. In recent years, the technique of multipacket reception (MPR) and multipacket separation (MPS) is widely applied in the area of wireless networks. Based on the technique of MPR and MPS, the paper puts forward the RTS refused(More)
  • Zheng Min
  • The 2nd International Conference on Information…
  • 2010
We investigate the linear or non-linear relationship between industrial agglomeration and economic growth in Yangtze Delta Area by adopting the analytical method of Brulhart &amp; Sbergami(2009) and using Theil Index and urbanization as indexes of agglomeration. We find evidence that supports the &#x201C;Williamson hypotheses&#x201D;. The main findings(More)
Small gain theorem plays an important role in the fields of control. In order to reduce the conservatism results from ignoring the structure information on uncertainty, the scaled small gain condition was usually applied in practice. However, these conditions also have great conservatism in some cases. In this note, an extended version of scaled small gain(More)
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