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The AP-1-binding sequences are promoter/enhancer elements that play an essential role in the induction of many genes in mammalian cells; however, the number of genes containing AP-1 sites remains unknown. In order to better address the overall effect of AP-1 on expression of genes encoded by the entire genome, a genome-wide analysis of the frequency and(More)
cDNAs of the HA genes of subtype H5N1 AIV were fused to form a single open reading frame, designated H5HA-H7HA. The H5HA-H7HA cDNA and chicken Interleukin-18 (IL18) were inserted into the fowlpox virus (FPV) expression vector pUTA-16-LacZ to produce pUTAL-H5-H7-IL18. cDNA of H5N1 AIV HA was inserted into the FPV expression vector pUTA2 to create the(More)
<italic>This paper presents a model of the document-hypermedia world which shows the bi-directional exchanges between the two worlds which are facilitated by international standards and a widely accepted hypertext reference model. In particular we show the role of the Dexter Model and the SGML/HyTime standards in supporting document-hypermedia(More)
This paper used PS-InSAR method to monitor the landslide along Qing river. Several typical landslides area were selected as the experimental areas. 61 ASAR data have been processed, which were acquired from 2003 to 2010. The obtained preliminary deformation rate map not only included the experimental areas, but also showed several new landslides areas. The(More)
in the paper, the influence of different inflow water rate and temperature on heat exchange performance of underground heat pump were discussed by experiment, two vital parameters was defined to measure the properties of ground heat exchanger: Energy Efficiency Coefficient and Heat Exchange Utility Time. The experimental results showed that whether in the(More)
—Selecting the construction method, scheduling activities, and scheduling space are key to constructing a project effectively and efficiently. They are interrelated and interdependent. In current construction planning, the selection of the construction methods, activity scheduling, and space scheduling have been tackled as independent problems. Their(More)
  • Zheng Min
  • 2010
We investigate the linear or non-linear relationship between industrial agglomeration and economic growth in Yangtze Delta Area by adopting the analytical method of Brulhart &amp; Sbergami(2009) and using Theil Index and urbanization as indexes of agglomeration. We find evidence that supports the &#x201C;Williamson hypotheses&#x201D;. The main findings(More)
Small gain theorem plays an important role in the fields of control. In order to reduce the conservatism results from ignoring the structure information on uncertainty, the scaled small gain condition was usually applied in practice. However, these conditions also have great conservatism in some cases. In this note, an extended version of scaled small gain(More)
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