Zheng Liu

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This paper examines explanations for the equity home bias puzzle by utilizing the introduction of the euro in 1999 as a natural experiment. The introduction of the euro and the coordination of monetary policy across the Euro Area (EA) allows for a closer examination of this puzzle. Optimal foreign equity shares are derived from a version of the CAP-M and(More)
  • Zheng Liu, Louis Phaneuf, Susanto Basu, Bob Chirinko, John Fernald, Jordi Gali +2 others
  • 2015
A positive technology shock may lead to a rise or a fall in per capita hours, depending on how hours enter the empirical VAR model. We provide evidence that, independent of how hours enter the VAR, a positive technology shock leads to a weak response in nominal wage inflation, a modest decline in price inflation, and a modest rise in the real wage in the(More)
Since 1999, the UK's share of FDI heading into Europe has declined dramatically, while the Euro-Zone's share has increased. I argue that the timing of this divergence is not coincidental. The formation of the Euro-Zone has eliminated nominal exchange rate volatility between member-states, increasing export market access intra-union. For source countries(More)
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