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Circular RNAs: Functions and Prospects in Glioma
It is believed that circRNAs may have molecular targets that are useful for the treatment of glioma and may be useful in determining prognosis based on the stability and high conservation ofcircRNAs.
A Meta-Analysis of Risk Factors for the Formation of de novo Intracranial Aneurysms.
Observational evidence identified multiple clinical and anatomic risk factors for the formation of de novo IAs, including female sex, age <40 yr, family history, smoking history, multiple sIAs at first diagnosis, and IC as the initial site.
Predictive value of posterior cranial fossa morphology in the decompression of Chiari malformation type I
The morphology of PCF cannot predict the response to PFD in patients with CMI, and the 2 groups did not differ significantly with regard to any morphological parameters such as tonsillar descent, syrinx size.
Sporadic Parkinson’s Disease Potential Risk Loci Identified in Han Ancestry of Chinese Mainland
Results showed that the subjects carrying the T allele of rs863108 and rs28499371 exhibited a decreased risk for sPD, and the alteration of these SNPs might play some roles through changing/affecting LINC01524/LOC105372666, DMRT2/SMARCA2, PLEKHN1, and FLJ23172/FNDC3B genes in the pathogenesis of sPD.
Cortical Structural Connectivity Alterations and Potential Pathogenesis in Mid-Stage Sporadic Parkinson’s Disease
It is suggested that the extensive alteration of cortical structural connectivity is one of possible pathogenesis resulting in the multiple and complex clinical symptoms in sPD.