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The serine/threonine phosphatase protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A) plays an essential role in many aspects of cellular functions and has been shown to be an important tumor suppressor. The core enzyme of PP2A comprises a 65 kDa scaffolding subunit and a 36 kDa catalytic subunit. Here we report the crystal structures of the PP2A core enzyme bound to two of its(More)
In this paper, we aim to jointly extract aspects and aspect-specific sentiment knowledge from online reviews, where the sentiment knowledge refers to the aspect-specific opinion words along with their aspect-aware sentiment polarities. To this end, we propose a Joint Aspect/Sentiment model (JAS). JAS detects aspect-specific opinion words by integrating(More)
Protein Phosphatase 2A (PP2A) plays an essential role in many aspects of cellular physiology. The PP2A holoenzyme consists of a heterodimeric core enzyme, which comprises a scaffolding subunit and a catalytic subunit, and a variable regulatory subunit. Here we report the crystal structure of the heterotrimeric PP2A holoenzyme involving the regulatory(More)
The association between BDNF gene functional Val66Met polymorphism rs6265 and the schizophrenia is far from being consistent. In addition to the heterogeneous in schizophrenia per se leading to the inconsistent results, the interaction among multi-genes is probably playing the main role in the pathogenesis of schizophrenia, but not a single gene.(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic unpredictable stress (CUS) can cause behavioral and physiological abnormalities that are important to the prediction of symptoms of depression that may be associated with cerebral glucose metabolic abnormalities. Curcumin showed potential antidepressant effects, but whether or not it can reverse cerebral functional abnormalities and so(More)
The catalytic reaction mediated by DNA polymerases is known to require two Mg(II) ions, one associated with dNTP binding and the other involved in metal ion catalysis of the chemical step. Here we report a functional intermediate structure of a DNA polymerase with only one metal ion bound, the DNA polymerase-DNA(More)