Zheng John Shen

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Reliability of power-electronic modules is of paramount importance for the commercial success of various types of electric vehicles. In this paper, we study the technical feasibility of detecting and utilizing early symptoms and warning signs of power-module degradation due to thermomechanical stress and fatigue and develop a prognostic system that can(More)
Continuing education has become an increasingly important part of the mission of higher education in the United States and around the world. The objective of engineering continuing education is to help practicing engineers stay current with technological advances relevant to their current or future job assignments. This paper presents the strategies and(More)
The events of hurricane seasons and the threat of terrorist attacks have made evacuation during disruptions a leading management issue. Transportation networks, which form the backbone of any emergency management plan, should be able to respond to disruptions by ensuring safe, organized and quick movement of people at the time of crisis. This work proposes(More)
A community DC microgrid is proposed that is embedded within an urban neighborhood in an underserved community in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This community microgrid will be a proving ground for residential DC power distribution and sharing of renewable energy resources between homes. The system will be built into existing homes that have been vacated as a(More)
The continuity of operations in pharmaceutical/healthcare supply chains is vital to human welfare and the span and quality-of-life of patients [1]. This is particularly important when the population is confronted with a massive health problem, such as a breakout of a pandemic (e.g., a deleterious mutation of the swine flu H1N1 virus), an industrial accident(More)
Power electronics plays a critical role in modern vehicle systems. The voltage rating of vehicle power electronics is predominantly determined by the transient immunity requirement, which considerably exceeds the maximum operating voltages of the 14and 28-V vehicle power systems, and imposes a large cost penalty. In contrast, the emerging 42-V systems(More)
The first property is identical to that of Lemma 3.2. In what follows, we show that if the second property is not satisfied, i.e. B i k + H i k ≤ B i k+1 for some k, then orders at periods t k and t i k+1 can be combined and shipped at period t i k without increasing total cost. The cost associated with shipping the combined order to retailer i in period t(More)