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Untargeted metabolomics provides a comprehensive platform for identifying metabolites whose levels are altered between two or more populations. By using liquid chromatography quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry (LC-Q-TOF-MS), hundreds to thousands of peaks with a unique m/z ratio and retention time are routinely detected from most biological samples(More)
Although the objective of any 'omic science is broad measurement of its constituents, such coverage has been challenging in metabolomics because the metabolome is comprised of a chemically diverse set of small molecules with variable physical properties. While extensive studies have been performed to identify metabolite isolation and separation methods,(More)
Fluorocarbons are lipophobic and non-polar molecules that exhibit remarkable biocompatibility, with applications in liquid ventilation and synthetic blood. The unique properties of these compounds have also enabled mass spectrometry imaging of tissues where the fluorocarbons act as a Teflon-like coating for nanostructured surfaces to assist in(More)
We demonstrate here that the electrochemical generation of hydroxyl ions and hydrogen bubbles can be used to induce the synthesis of enzyme- or protein-encapsulated 3D porous silica structure on the surface of noble metal electrodes. In the present work, the one-step synthesis of a glucose oxidase (GOD)-encapsulated silica matrix on a platinum electrode is(More)
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