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miR-3127-5p is a primate-specific miRNA which is down-regulated in recurrent NSCLC tissue vs. matched primary tumor tissue (N = 15) and in tumor tissue vs. normal lung tissue (N = 177). Reduced miR-3127-5p expression is associated with a higher Ki-67 proliferation index and unfavorable prognosis in NSCLC. Overexpression of miR-3127-5p significantly reduced(More)
The phenomenon of immunoglobulin (Ig) expression in cancer cells has been discovered recently; the Ig protein expressed and secreted in cancer cells was found to be in favor of tumor growth. Two single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) loci rs232230 (5658C/G) and rs232228 (3635T/C) were identified on Igkappa gene previously, and we have demonstrated that they(More)
OBJECTIVE Cloning and nucleotide sequencing of full length cDNA sequence of L segment of Hantavirus strain A9. METHODS The L segment cDNA of Hantavirus strain A9 was amplified by RT-PCR. PCR products were cloned and sequenced. Full length cDNA clone of the L segment was obtained by subcloning. RESULTS The L segment of strain A9 was 6 533 nucleotides in(More)
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