Zheng - Hua Qi

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The effects of catalyst HF concentration on the dielectric and electrical properties of SiOF films are discussed. From the current density-voltage and capacitance-voltage curves, we observed that the film catalyzed with the special concentration of HF (the ratio of HF/H2O = 1/5) shows good moisture resistance, low leakage current (10-11 A/cm2 at 1 MV/cm)(More)
A new fluorescence catalytic method for determinat ion of N A D H was proposed. This method was based on the myoglobin as mimetic enzyme of peroxidase for catalyzing the reaction between N A D H and H, 2 O2. Under the optimum condit ions, the calibration graph for the determinat ion of N A D H is in the range of 1 . 6 X 1 0 z-2.0><10 s t oo l /L , and the(More)
The characteristic of Myoglobin as mimetic enzyme was studied and applied in the determination of H2O2 witho-phenylenediamine as substrate. The absorbance obtained at 40°C was found to be proportional to the concentration of H2O2 in the range of 2.0×10−5–2.0×10−7 mol/L, with a correlation coefficient of 0.999 1. The proposed method is simple and highly(More)
This paper discusses an method based on evidence- theory for the small current comprehensive line selection, this method obtain the signal of small current grounded occured and use the phase comparison method, Wavelet method, the first semi-continuous wave method and other methods to calculate and determine continuously. Through the evidence fusion rules to(More)
Thin films of cadmium sulfide (CdS) were prepared with ammonium chloride, cadmium chloride, potassium hydroxide and thiourea by chemical bath deposition (CBD). For comparison, CdS films were also deposited by radio frequency (RF) magnetron sputtering, using CdS and argon as a target and reactive gas, respectively. The films were characterized by X-ray(More)
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