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Influencing by the design principles of traditional layered protocol stack, current MAC protocol designing for wireless sensor networks (WSN) seldom takes load balance into consideration, which greatly restricts WSN lifetime. In this paper, FE-MAC, as a novel forwarding election-based MAC protocol, is presented to prolong WSN lifetime by means of improving(More)
The geographic routing technology is good for the self-organizing and large-scale Wireless Sensor Networks(WSNs), and the energy-limited sensor nodes require the energy used for routing to be minimum. In this paper a new energy-efficient geographic routing algorithm is proposed and it is distributed and based on the geographic routing, the topology(More)
Influenced by the design principles of the layered network protocol stack, current MAC protocols in wireless sensor network usually resort to improving energy efficiency as a major energy saving means, with little considerations of load balance, which limits the network lifetime. In this paper, a forwarding election-based MAC protocol, FE-MAC, is proposed.(More)
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