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Libration dynamics and stability of electrodynamic tethers in satellite deorbit
This paper studies libration dynamics and stability of deorbiting nano-satellites by short and bare electrodynamic tethers. A critical aspect of satellite deorbit by an electrodynamic tether is toExpand
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Upper limits from the LIGO and TAMA detectors on the rate of gravitational-wave bursts
We report on the first joint search for gravitational waves by the TAMA and LIGO collaborations. We looked for millisecond-duration unmodeled gravitational-wave bursts in 473 hr of coincident dataExpand
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Dynamic modeling of cable towed body using nodal position finite element method
This paper analyses nonlinear dynamics of cable towed body system. The cable has been modeled and analyzed using a new nodal position finite element method, which calculates the position of the cableExpand
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Engineering Notes Fractional-Order Tension Control Law for Deployment of Space Tether System
O NE of the critical issues for space tether missions is the stable deployment of the tether [1,2]. Many effective control strategies and devices have been proposed for the deployment [3–7]. AmongExpand
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Fractional order sliding mode control for tethered satellite deployment with disturbances
This paper proposes a fractional order sliding mode control for the deployment of tethered space systems with the consideration of uncertainty of external disturbances and unmodeled system dynamics. Expand
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Dynamics of Nanosatellite Deorbit by Bare Electrodynamic Tether in Low Earth Orbit
This paper studies the dynamics of nanosatellite deorbit by a bare electrodynamic tether. The orbital dynamics of the tethered nanosatellite is modeled in Gaussian perturbation equations and theExpand
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Optimal Control of Nanosatellite Fast Deorbit Using Electrodynamic Tether
This paper proposes a piecewise two-phased optimal control scheme for fast nanosatellite deorbit by a short electrodynamic tether. The first phase concerns the open-loop control trajectoryExpand
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Elastodynamic analysis of low tension cables using a new curved beam element
In this paper, we address and overcome the difficulties associated with the use of the classic cable theory to treat low tension cables by developing a new three-noded locking-free nonlinear curvedExpand
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Long term dynamics and optimal control of nano-satellite deorbit using a short electrodynamic tether
Abstract This paper studies the long term dynamics and optimal control of a nano-satellite deorbit by a short electrodynamic tether. The long term deorbit process is discretized into intervals andExpand
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Long-Term Libration Dynamics and Stability Analysis of Electrodynamic Tethers in Spacecraft Deorbit
AbstractElectrodynamic tether systems orbiting the Earth are prone to libration instability because of periodic changes in the geomagnetic field, plasma density, and lunisolar gravitationalExpand
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