Zheng-Han Lin

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This paper proposes neural organization of generalized adalines (gadalines) for data driven function approximation. By generalizing the threshold function of adalines, we achieve the K-state transfer function of gadalines which responds a unitary vector of K binary values to the projection of a predictor on a receptive field. A generative component that(More)
This work proposes an unsupervised learning process for analysis of natural images. The derivation is based on a generative model, a stochastic coin-flip process directly operating on many disjoint multivariate Gaussian distributions. Following the maximal likelihood principle and using the Potts encoding, the goodness-of-fit of the generative model to(More)
This work proposes a novel algorithm for independent component analysis (ICA) based on marginal density estimation. The proposed ICA algorithm aims to search for an effective demixing matrix as well as weighted Parzen window (WPW) representations for marginal densities of independent components so as to express a factorial joint density for high dimensional(More)
This work explores formation and variability of orientation preference maps in visual cortex based on normalized Gaussian arrays. An orientation preference map, which has been measured to sketch the orientation preference of neighboring neurons in visual cortex, is emulated by a network of weighted normalized Gaussian arrays. Here the orientation preference(More)
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