Zheng-Gao Dong

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Articles you may be interested in Plasmon-induced transparency in metamaterials: Active near field coupling between bright superconducting and dark metallic mode resonators Appl. Electromagnetically induced transparency in terahertz plasmonic metamaterials via dual excitation pathways of the dark mode Plasmonic metamaterials for ultrasensitive refractive(More)
We demonstrate that left-handed resonance transmission from metallic metamaterial, composed of periodically arranged double rings, can be extended to visible spectrum by introducing an active medium layer as the substrate. The severe ohmic loss inside metals at optical frequencies is compensated by stimulated emission of radiation in this active system. Due(More)
Dynamic dipolar toroidal response is demonstrated by an optical plasmonic metamaterial composed of double disks. This response with a hotspot of localized E-field concentration is a well-behaved toroidal cavity mode that exhibits a large Purcell factor due to its deep-subwavelength mode volume. All-optical Hall effect (photovoltaic) is observed numerically(More)
Articles you may be interested in Tunable symmetric and asymmetric resonances in an asymmetrical split-ring metamaterial Modulating the fundamental inductive-capacitive resonance in asymmetric double-split ring terahertz metamaterials Appl. Double bands of negative refractive index in the left-handed metamaterials with asymmetric defects Appl.
An otherwise dark magnetic dipole resonance in a split-ring resonator can be excited electrically with a Fano-type profile once the symmetric environment for this resonator is broken with respect to the polarized electric-field direction of incident waves. When this asymmetrically induced narrow resonance coincides with a broad dipolar resonance at an(More)
Simultaneously enhanced reflectance and transmittance greater than 35 dB are demonstrated for the lasing spaser ͑or spasing͒ behavior in an active fishnet metamaterial. In mimicking a lasing cavity, an equivalent active slab with Lorentz dispersion for the index of refraction is established to model the spasing metamaterial through the Fabry-Perot effect.(More)
The toroidal response is numerically investigated in a multifold double-ring metamaterials at the antibonding magnetic-dipole mode (i.e., antiparallel magnetic dipoles in one double-ring fold). This intriguing toroidal resonance in metamaterials is considered as a result of the magnetoelectric effect due to the broken balance of the electric near-field(More)
We demonstrate that the trapped magnetic resonance mode can be induced in an asymmetric double-bar structure for electromagnetic waves normally incident onto the double-bar plane, which mode otherwise cannot be excited if the double bars are equal in length. By adjusting the structural geometry, the trapped magnetic resonance becomes transparent with little(More)
Hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF)-1α is over-expressed in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and degraded by ubiquitin-proteasome pathways under normoxic conditions. Hepatocyte hypoxia enhances proliferation, angiogenesis, metastasis, chemoresistance, and radioresistance of HCC. The importance role of HIF-1α expression in HCC may improve the prognostic and(More)