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We present Tesseract, an experimental system that enables the direct control of a computer network that is under a single administrative domain. Tesseract's design is based on the 4D architecture, which advocates the decomposition of the network control plane into decision, dissemination, discovery, and data planes. Tesseract provides two primary abstract(More)
Andrographolide (AP), isolated from Andrographis paniculata (Burm. F.) Nees, is an anticancer agent with significant clinical potential. This study determined its oral bioavailability and how intestinal disposition affects its bioavailability. Pharmacokinetics was evaluated in rats. Intestinal disposition was determined using a single-pass rat intestinal(More)
Network operation is inherently complex because it consists of many functions such as routing, firewalling, VPN provisioning, traffic load-balancing, network maintenance , etc. To cope with this, network designers have created modular components to handle each function. Unfortunately , in reality, unavoidable dependencies exist between some of the(More)
Gastrodin is the major bioactive constituent of the traditional Chinese drug "Tianma." It is used in the treatment of some nervous system diseases and can be transported to the brain via intranasal administration. In the current paper, the development of a novel ion-activated in situ gelling system for the nasal delivery of gastrodin is discussed. An in(More)
Both borneol and gastrodin are bioactive substances derived from traditional Chinese medicine. In this paper, the effect of borneol on the distribution of gastrodin to the brain in mice via oral administration was investigated. Gastrodin concentrations in plasma and gastrodigenin (active metabolite of gastrodin) concentrations in the brain of mice were(More)
PLGA nanoparticles simultaneously loaded with vincristine sulfate (VCR) and quercetin (QC) were prepared via O/W emulsion solvent evaporation. Six independent processing parameters and PLGA characteristics were assessed systematically to enhance the incorporation of the dual agents with different properties (VCR and QC, hydrophilic and hydrophobic molecule,(More)
Oral delivery remains the preferred route for chronic drug administration thanks to its patient convenience and compliance. However, many drug candidates are unsuitable for conventional oral formulations due to low solubility, poor membrane permeability, or extensive pre-systemic metabolism. This review describes a promising strategy that incorporates or(More)
PLGA nanoparticles simultaneously loaded with vincristine sulfate (VCR) and verapamil hydrochloride (VRP) were prepared via combining O/W emulsion solvent evaporation and salting-out method. Ten independent processing parameters and two materials characteristics were assessed systematically to enhance the incorporation of the two hydrophilic low molecular(More)
Gastrodin, a sedative drug, is a highly water-soluble phenolic glucoside with poor liposolubility but exhibits good oral bioavailability. The current study aims to investigate whether glucose transporters (GLTs) are involved in the intestinal absorption of gastrodin. The intestinal absorption kinetics of gastrodin was determined using the rat everted gut(More)