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The fundamental feature of an OpenFlow network is that the controller is responsible for the initial establishment of every flow by contacting related switches. Thus the performance of the controller could be a bottleneck. This paper shows how this fundamental problem is addressed by parallelism. The state of the art OpenFlow controller, called NOX,(More)
We present Tesseract, an experimental system that enables the direct control of a computer network that is under a single administrative domain. Tesseract's design is based on the 4D architecture, which advocates the decomposition of the network control plane into decision, dissemination, discovery, and data planes. Tesseract provides two primary abstract(More)
Network operation is inherently complex because it consists of many functions such as routing, firewalling, VPN provisioning, traffic load-balancing, network maintenance , etc. To cope with this, network designers have created modular components to handle each function. Unfortunately , in reality, unavoidable dependencies exist between some of the(More)
The fundamental feature of an OpenFlow network is that the controller is responsible for the configuration of switches for every traffic flow. This feature brings programmability and flexibility, but also puts the controller in a critical role in the performance of an Open-Flow network. To fairly service requests from different switches, to achieve low(More)
—This paper presents the CONTRACT framework to address a fundamental deficiency of the IP network control plane, namely the lack of coordination between an IGP and other control functions involved in achieving a high level objective. For example, an IGP's default automatic reaction to a network failure may result in an SLA violation, even if the IGP link(More)
With faster connection speed, Internet users are now making social network a huge reservoir of texts, images and video clips (GIF). Sentiment analysis for such online platform can be used to predict political elections, evaluates economic indicators and so on. However, GIF sentiment analysis is quite challenging, not only because it hinges on(More)
Note to the reader: this document is a work in progress and continues to evolve rapidly. Certain aspects of the GENI architecture are not yet addressed at all, and, for those aspects that are addressed here, a number of unresolved issues are identified in the text. Further, due to the active development and editing process, some portions of the document may(More)
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